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Why Therapy?

Individual Therapy


There are many factors that motivate individuals to seek therapy and it takes courage to make an appointment with a therapist. I work with a range of diverse individuals who present with a variety of concerns and problems. I have expertise working with individuals who would like help with about anxiety, depression, substance use, self esteem, gender identity and sexual orientation, relationship difficulties, loss and grief, relationship issues, and experiences of trauma.


My approach is client-centered and holistic. In our initial sessions, we will work on identifying your goals in this process and this will help clarify the treatment plan. We will also consider how the cultural and social context may be related to our work and to the treatment goals.

In our sessions, we will work on understanding the nature of the challenges you are facing and explore how they may be related to themes in the past. At times, we will be focused on present issues and challenges and developing new skills or changing patterns of responding. Other times, we may talk more about past events and reflect on how they may be influencing the present and explore ways to generate new possibilities. Typically we will meet weekly or biweekly for an hour.


Couples Therapy


In Couples Therapy, I meet with both partners to understand the difficulties in the relationship which may include communication, intimacy, infidelity, coping with stress, loss, and life transitions. We work on understanding how current and past patterns of relating can affect the relationship and we explore strategies that may be useful to strengthen communication and contribute to greater intimacy.


Note: Couple sessions are 90 minutes.

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